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Pro Tip: Why Buy Used Golf Irons in Canada?

Pro Tip: Why Buy Used Golf Irons in Canada?

Buying used golf irons in Canada is an easy way to save a large chunk of money. Iron sets are one of the biggest investments you can make in your golf bag because they typically make up half of your golf clubs.

When you shop for golf irons, you normally see pitching wedge (PW) through 4 or 5 iron listed - that’s potentially 7 out of your 14 golf clubs allowed in your bag, which explains why the price tag can be a bit higher than, say, a single sand wedge. Of course, you can buy used individual golf irons as well.

Buying used golf clubs in general is an easy way to save money, especially when you’re getting thoroughly vetted golf clubs from GlobalGolf Canada. With our Certified Pre-Owned process, you can trust that any used golf club you purchased with the gold badge is cleaned, re-gripped and rated; if the golf club’s condition is “Poor,” GlobalGolf Canada deems it non-playable and will not sell it.

Additionally, our GlobalGolf Canada warehouse is based in Toronto, which means you don’t have to pay customs or fees.

Benefits to Buying Used Golf Irons in Canada

Buying used golf irons in Canada allows you to upgrade your technology without the hefty price tag. Along with the many other benefits we’ll dive into, you’ll realize buying used golf clubs is a no-brainer.

Easy and Convenient Process

You can buy used golf iron sets from GlobalGolf Canada with confidence. Not only is the process extremely easy and convenient, you can trust that we take the utmost care of our golf clubs and ensure you are receiving the condition you paid for.

Bonus Pro Tip: many of our used golf clubs have rarely been paid, so you’re getting an amazing deal on like-new golf clubs.

Save Money

Budget always factors into buying used golf irons. You can find the best prices for the best used golf irons on the market with GlobalGolf Canada. Have peace of mind that your budget won’t be strapped when you see our variety of models and conditions at an affordable price.

New Technology

Perhaps the ultimate reason to buy used golf clubs is to take advantage of the speed in which major golf companies release new models. You may not be buying the latest model or line of irons, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still packed with technology that beats your current set of clubs by a longshot.

Bonus Pro Tip: you can also find the latest models on GlobalGolf Canada and buy them used.

Top-Selling Used Golf Iron Brands in Canada

You’re starting the search for your next trusty iron set - which used golf irons should you go for? Our staff of PGA Professionals has compiled the best-selling iron brands in Canada to give you a place to start.

Used TaylorMade Iron Sets

TaylorMade SIM MAX Iron Set

Used TaylorMade irons, no matter their release date, always contain innovative technology. GlobalGolf Canada offers a variety of models on any given day, from some of the most recent lines to irons from the always-popular M family.

When you choose TaylorMade Golf, you choose distance and ball speed. TaylorMade offers irons for low, mid and high handicappers.

Used PING Iron Sets

Ping G425 Iron Set

Used PING irons, also designed for every handicap, focus on forgiveness. The technology in their latest models, G425 have focused on increasing moment of inertia (MOI), so your clubface has a higher chance of being square at impact due to resistance. The clean look is another reason why so many golfers love PING Golf.

Used Cobra Iron Sets

Cobra King SpeedZone Combo Iron Set

Used Cobra irons are a little different than other brands because they have designed one-length irons in addition to their other models. Whether you’re a fan of Bryson DeChambeau or want to test his logic, new and used Cobra one-length irons are a popular query.

When you go with Cobra Golf, you are choosing speed, precision and creativity.

Used Callaway Iron Sets

Callaway Apex Pro 21 Iron Set

You can’t go wrong buying used Callaway irons. In addition to Callaway Golf’s technological advancements, they also produce solid-looking irons with phenomenal feel. Every handicap is represented by Callaway, though their main designs are game-improvement irons.

Used XXIO Iron Sets

XXIO Prime 10 Iron Set

XXIO Golf is new to North America, which means used XXIO irons are still relatively new. XXIO specializes in producing more distance and forgiveness for those with moderate swing speeds. If you have a higher handicap, XXIO irons are an easy way to increase distance.

Making the Most of Your Used Golf Iron Set Purchase

Buying golf clubs - new or used - is an investment of time and money. GlobalGolf Canada wants you to feel confident throughout the entire purchasing process and be 100% satisfied once you’ve made your decision.

That’s why GlobalGolf Canada offers several perks and services to bolster your confidence as you make a decision. If you’re looking for used golf iron recommendations specifically for your game, you have to check out USelect™. After answering a few brief and easy questions about your game, you will receive recommendations from our staff of PGA Professionals. Simply filter your results on the left to hone in on used golf irons.

While GlobalGolf Canada’s UTry® is a way to demo the latest golf products, you can also demo the latest models of brands you’re interested in since that’s an easy way to get a feel for the used golf irons you might buy. Each golf brand has a signature feel and sound for the most part, so this is one way to test a particular brand. Don’t forget, some of the used golf irons on your list may be the latest model and could be an option on UTry®.

Lastly, if you’re buying used golf irons, there’s a good chance you’re looking for another way to save money. GlobalGolf Canada’s UTrade-In™ calculates the best trade-in values for your golf clubs and applies that credit towards your next purchase. With new-to-you high-tech irons heading your way, why keep your current set in the garage? Trade them in now before they depreciate more.

No matter which used golf iron set in Canada you choose, you can trust GlobalGolf Canada is the right place to buy it. From our top-selling brands to our extra ways to save money, buying used golf clubs in Canada has never been easier.