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Pro Tip: Why You Should Buy Used Golf Clubs in Canada

Pro Tip How to Buy Pre-Owned Golf Clubs in Canada

Have you considered rounding out your bag with used golf clubs, Canada? For the savvy golfer, used golf clubs offer the range of options you need to make any shot without leaving you too cash-strapped to pay a green fee.

And while having a full set of golf clubs is an easy way to take your game to the next level, a set of clubs—or even just a fraction of a set—can quickly add up. Used golf clubs are a great way to get your dollar to go further for the strategic, budget-minded golfer.

Golf clubs are a big investment—even used ones! It pays to do your research up front, compare prices and find a source that can provide a high-value, high-quality product for a low price.

Shopping with GlobalGolf Canada is the best way to buy used golf clubs from Canada. We ship all of our golf clubs, new or used, from our warehouse in Toronto. Take pride in supporting Canadian industry when you purchase from within our borders. As an added bonus, shipping from Toronto means no customs or fees.

If you’re already ready to buy, you’re in the right place. If you need some help getting there, learn how to buy used individual golf clubs or used golf club sets in Canada. Keep in mind we also offer used ladies’ golf clubs in Canada, used junior golf clubs in Canada and used left-handed golf clubs in Canada - basically, you can find whatever you need to play your best.

Certified Preowned Golf Clubs from GlobalGolf Canada

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When you’re looking for used TaylorMade golf clubs in Canada or used Callaway golf clubs in Canada, how can you be sure you’re not getting an inferior product? A “used golf club” could cover a range of conditions, from fresh off a demo set to someone’s favorite putter in his garage.

With our Certified Preowned process, all of our used golf clubs are inspected by our team of trained professionals, and graded to exacting standards. You’ll know upfront what you’re paying for, and GlobalGolf Canada does not resell any unplayable golf clubs that are sent in.

GlobalGolf Canada uses a quality certification program to guarantee our customers receive only the highest-quality products. Every club we resell to customers is inspected, cleaned, graded and topped with a complimentary club head (excluding iron sets).

The best of the best become Certified Preowned clubs. Certified pre-owned golf clubs are guaranteed by our 6-point inspection, and typically have seen little, if any, play. With only slight cosmetic wear, these clubs play like brand new for a fraction of the price. And for additional peace of mind, we also include a 12-month warranty with every certified pre-owned club. Make sure you look for the gold badge on the site, or filter the golf clubs section to show all Certified Preowned clubs.

But, since we want you to get the best club for your dollar, we also offer a 30-day Playability Guarantee on certain clubs. Play with the golf club for up to 30 days, and if you’re unsatisfied in any way, return it in the same condition for a full refund - no questions asked.

The badge of Certified Preowned is a guaranteed mark of quality from our team in Toronto to you.

Helping Golfers Find and Buy Used Golf Clubs with USelect™


With so many different golf clubs and golf manufacturers, finding the right used golf club for your game can be a tall order. Depending on your game, you could see vastly different results from one set of clubs to the next, even those produced by the same brand.

GlobalGolf Canada has a solution for you. Our staff of PGA Professionals has developed a recommendation generator called USelect™, a series of short, intuitive questions designed to get a better feel for your game. In return, you will receive recommendations for golf clubs, golf shoes and more tailored to you. With the knowledge of our experts to rely on, you can be sure you’ll be matched with golf clubs and other products best suited for your game.

And after you’ve gone through the selection process, the next steps couldn’t be easier. The best place to buy used golf clubs in Canada is right here, at

See What the Pros Are Saying About Used Golf Clubs in Canada

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Let’s face it: if you’re reading this, you’re probably a golf fanatic looking to learn more about your favorite game. You’re as passionate as they come, but you may be more comfortable turning to a pro when it comes to selecting a new or used golf club. We get it; that’s why we started GlobalGolf Pro Tips.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth guide to any particular club or golf equipment brand, look no further than our blog. Now, you can find out what the pros are saying. GlobalGolf Pro Tips are written by our PGA Professionals on staff or by our very own award-winning Canadian golf journalist, Adam Stanley. They bring their years of dedicated experience to the golf industry, helping you make informed and confident decisions on everything golf.

With reliable advice from the trusted PGA Professionals at GlobalGolf Canada, we’re removing one of the biggest hurdles from buying clubs online by providing information you can trust.

Give Your Used Golf Clubs a Second Chance with UTrade-In™

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Buying used golf clubs from GlobalGolf Canada is already doing a ton to keep your budget under par… but why settle for a birdie when an eagle is possible? You can bring’s low prices even lower by taking advantage of UTrade-In™.

UTrade-In™ is the easiest way to earn top value for your current set of golf clubs and use that credit towards your next purchase. All you have to do is enter your golf club information and you’ll receive an instant trade-in value. You won’t find a better value for your current set of golf clubs in Canada anywhere else.

When it comes to timing, used golf club values in Canada can depreciate overnight, especially when new models are released. The longer they sit in your garage, the more their value decreases, so if you’re on the fence, calculate their value now and take the plunge.

Easily Demo Golf Clubs with UTry®

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Still not 100% about the golf clubs? Take it for a test drive. GlobalGolf Canada’s UTry® program allows you to demo the latest golf products when, where and how you want. Starting at just $35 for 14 days, you can demo new golf clubs from the brands you’re looking into and get a feel for what your used golf club will feel like.

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are ready to pay less for a high-value club, buying used golf clubs from GlobalGolf Canada is the way to go. Not only are you taking a step to improve your game, but you are also supporting a local Canadian business.