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  • Garmin GPS/Range Finders Accessories Technology

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    Garmin GPS Watches

    • FAQs

      How does the GPS work on a Garmin watch?

      The GPS on a Garmin golf watch comes from signals from a constantly moving satellite.

      Does the Garmin watch GPS work without a phone?

      Many Garmin watches have GPS technology that works without a phone.

      How accurate are Garmin GPS watches?

      Garmin GPS watches are accurate up to 3 meters (or 10 feet).

    • Overview

      The Garmin golf watch selection provides an impressive combination of GPS technology and smartwatch features. Great for the golf course if you want to know everything about your next shot from your wrist, you can also use the Garmin Golf™ app to track your score, stats and even your standing on your league’s leaderboard.

      With over 42,000 golf courses pre-loaded to the Garmin GPS watch, you’ll likely have every golf course you play ready to go. With a solid battery life and several models to choose from, you can find the perfect setup for you.

      In addition to the golf GPS technology, you can also receive phone notifications, stream music, track fitness and health stats. This GPS watch from Garmin is the ultimate active lifestyle smartwatch.

    • Pro Tips

      You’ll want a Garmin watch with GPS for its golf features as well as smartwatch features. While you’re playing the round and getting accurate distances for your next shot, your Garmin golf watch will be working hard behind the scenes to ensure all your steps, elevation, heart rate and more are tracking simultaneously.

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