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Benefits of golf club trade in
Trading in your golf clubs is a great way to upgrade your current clubs without spending a lot of money.

Basically, you are selling your current golf clubs and then using that money to buy new clubs. If you have a driver with a trade in value of $100 and you want to purchase a new driver that is selling for $249, in the end you only pay $149. You now have sold a club you no longer want or use and have a new club in your bag.

You may also want to send us your club and decide to buy later. Golf clubs depreciate in value rapidly. A club you have in your garage maybe worth $100 now, but only worth $75 a month or two from now. You can send us your club now and receive a gift certificate to use at a later time.

Trade-In FAQ

What If I have a club or clubs to trade in and want to apply it towards a purchase on GlobalGolf?
The customer must go through the online trade in process first before making a purchase for the credit to apply to the order. The customer must use a valid credit card. Once the customer has completed the trade in process, they must immediately start shopping and make your online purchase.
What if I have a club or clubs to trade in and I am not interested in making a purchase at this time?
The customer must go through the online trade in process. After completed, ship the club or clubs to GlobalGolf. After the trade in is received and then processed, an email is sent with a gift certificate that can be used on a future GlobalGolf purchase.
When can I expect my trade-in to be processed?
Consumer trade in’s can take up to 10 Business Days (Mon-Fri) from the time we receive the club (at our facility), to be processed. After which, a credit or gift certificate is issued.
Where do you get the trade in values?
To make sure you get a great price for your golf club, we use The Golf PriceBook. This is the same price book major retailers and pro shops have been using for years. Because of The Golf PriceBooks experience and knowledge, we are confident you will be receiving an accurate and fair price for your trade.
Does club condition matter?
Club condition does matter. Before receiving a quote, you will confirm that your club is not in need of any repairs, dented, badly scratched, cracked, significant sky marks, etc… Even if the club does not have any of these issues, obviously if it was not well taken care of, this will reduce the trade in value of your club.
What if I can’t find my club on the list?
If you do not find your club listed on the drop down selection, then we are not currently accepting trades on that club. Please check back as we update the list often.
What type of iron set make up’s do you accept?
All iron sets must include either five, six, seven or eight sequential irons. At minimum, the iron set must have at least five consecutive pieces including the 6 iron and PW (pitching wedge). Iron sets that do not have the minimum 6-PW configuration will not be accepted. All heads, shaft models, flexes, and dexterity must match for an iron set to receive credit.
What if the item I trade in does not match the item on the packing slip?
If upon inspection the item(s) you trade in does not match the item(s) on your packing slip, the trade-in value will change accordingly, as will any applicable trade-in premium.
Will GlobalGolf provide a shipping label for my trade-in?
Yes, in most cases (exclusions are detailed below). Most Trade Ins coming from Canada, excluding some remote locations, will receive a FedEx label which is to be used to send your clubs to us; however only some will be free of charge.

If your Trade In is valued at $149.00 or greater you will be issued a pre-paid FedEx shipping label. Trade Ins of less than $149.00, must use the provided FedEx label, however a $9.99 CAD shipping fee will be deducted from your credit.

Trade Ins with originating addresses outside of Canada or some remote locations, are to be shipped at your own expense. (The FedEx label that may automatically generate will not be valid.)

* All Trade Ins must include the Packing List that will be created after you submit your Trade In online.
Can I get a second return shipping label for my trade-in?
We are unable to issue a second return shipping label.
I have many items to trade-in. Will you send me a large box?
If you have multiple items please pack sufficiently in a box large enough to accomodate your items. Your local FedEx location location should have a box large enough for your multiple items.
What if my trade-in fails?
If your trade-in does not meet our acceptance criteria we will do one of the following:
  1. Return of the product to you – you are responsible for return shipping charges and must contact us with payment info. Consumer Trade In return shipping rates are shipped FedEx or Purolator and are as follows:
      Base Charge Add On
    Single Club $10.99 $.99
    Iron Sets $14.99 $7.99
  2. Disposal of the item if the club is a no value item and you agree to its disposal.
  3. Repair the club if you agree to the price of the repair and authorize us to complete the repair. We will deduct the repair charges from the initial trade in allowance.
How is my trade-in credit refunded back to me if I return a purchase?
All refunds will be issued in US currency. All refunds will be applied to the original form of payment. If you paid for your order with an eGiftCard and or credit card or PayPal combination the refund will be credited to the eGiftCard first and balance will then be refunded to the credit card or PayPal account. 30 Day Playability items returned will be refunded via a GlobalGolf eGiftCard.