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  • TaylorMade Golf Clubs

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    TaylorMade Golf Clubs Overview

    Arguably the biggest name in golf equipment, TaylorMade continues to push the boundaries of technology while boasting an unmatched roster of professional ambassadors. Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy and Dustin Johnson are just a few of the PGA Tour superstars who play TaylorMade golf clubs – and they help the brand rank among the most popular in every category.

    TaylorMade remains best known for its metal woods, a technology it pioneered in 1979. The company has long since branched out, however, and now makes hybrids, irons, wedges, putters, golf balls, accessories and apparel. Current product lines include SIM (driver through wedges), P790 irons and the Spider X putter. is proud to offer a wide variety of TaylorMade products. Our inventory of new and pre-owned TaylorMade golf clubs changes on a daily basis, so check back often for our most current inventory.

    Let’s take a look at TaylorMade’s newest club offerings.

    SIM2, 2021

    The sequel to TaylorMade’s blockbuster SIM lineup, SIM2 covers the gamut from drivers to fairway woods, hybrids, irons and iron/hybrid combo sets. The SIM2, SIM2 Max and SIM2 Max D drivers are noteworthy for their reshaped heads and a new Inertia Generator, which combine to create greater clubhead speed and forgiveness. The SIM2 Max D features draw bias weighting and a slightly larger clubface than its siblings, while each model offers a different launch height.

    TaylorMade’s SIM2 fairway woods boast the lowest center of gravity in company history. That means a higher launch from the short grass for any caliber of golfer. TaylorMade touts the iron-like workability of its SIM2 Rescue models, whose updated V Steel design promises more versatility.

    For its SIM2 irons, TaylorMade introduced Cap-Back – a lightweight, polymer insert which stabilizes the clubhead. Most notable is a sweet spot precisely placed to cover the areas where golfers most often make contact.

    Hi-Toe RAW Wedges, 2021

    Also new this year is the Hi-Toe RAW Wedge series, available in a variety of lofts and bounce angles. TaylorMade took its existing Hi-Toe wedges – which feature an expanded toe area, higher center of gravity and scoring lines across the entire clubface – and gave them sharper, narrower grooves and a raw finish for increased spin.

    SIM, 2020

    SIM stands for Shape In Motion and includes men’s and women’s drivers, fairway woods, rescue clubs (aka hybrids), irons and wedges. TaylorMade SIM drivers and woods feature an Aerodynamic Asymmetric Sole and Inertia Generator, designed to boost clubhead speed for more distance and MOI for greater forgiveness and accuracy. SIM models are built with TaylorMade’s Twist Face technology and adjustable weighting as well.

    SIM hybrids are the first to utilize a V Steel sole plate for reduced turf interaction and better contact from all lies. SIM Max and Max OS irons boast a refined Speed Bridge inside the club along with ECHO Dampening. Result: More distance and superior feel.

    Products in this line include TaylorMade’s SIM, SIM Max and SIM Max D drivers and fairway woods, SIM Max rescues, and SIM Max and SIM Max OS irons, wedges and combo sets (which blend hybrids, irons and wedges).

    M5 and M6, 2019

    The most recent iterations of TaylorMade’s “M” lineup, the M5 and M6 nameplates adorn drivers, woods, hybrids and irons. The company touts its Speed Injection process for maximizing distance from each individual clubhead, while its Twist Face technology – designed to reduce sidespin on off-center strikes – ups the ante for accuracy.

    M3 and M4, 2018

    TaylorMade introduced its innovative Twist Face technology with the M3 and M4 Lines. Engineers studied the effects of traditional “bulge and roll” – face curvature intended to bring off-center strikes back on line – and found conventional wisdom didn’t stand up. So they tweaked the heel-to-toe and top-to-bottom clubface shape to produce better results on miss-hit shots.

    vBoth the M3 and M4 lineups feature drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons for both men and women.

    M1 and M2, 2017

    The successor to TaylorMade’s vaunted “R” lineup, the M1 and M2 featured an all-new adjustable weighting system for greater flexibility in the driver. The company also added more lightweight carbon to the crown for greater weight distribution on the perimeter, upping MOI for enhanced forgiveness. TaylorMade touted the M1 and M2’s “Geocoustic” technology for improved sound and feel.

    Spider X Putters

    TaylorMade’s Spider X Putters are an improved version of previous models. There’s extra stability from a heavier steel frame on a lightweight composite sole. The True Path alignment guide is another enhancement; it’s designed to aid visualization. TaylorMade also upgraded the Spider line’s Pure Roll insert for better sound and feel, and added 45° grooves for more topspin.

    Truss Putters

    TaylorMade built its Truss putter models to offer the forgiveness of a mallet and the traditional setup look of a blade. The key: an unusual hosel “superstructure” that keeps the face from twisting on off-center strikes. Each Truss putter features TaylorMade’s Pure Roll insert, plus adjustable sole weights and a KBS Stepless Stability shaft.

    Milled Grind and Milled Grind 2 Wedges

    Available in a variety of finishes – including chrome, satin, black and antique bronze – TaylorMade’s Milled Grind and Milled Grind 2 Wedges feature a CNC machined sole and precisely carved leading edge. Also noteworthy: A new groove design for increased spin, vibration dampening from a cavity insert, and “thick-thin” clubhead construction for outstanding feel and control.

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