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  • Pro Tip: Callaway in Canada Has Everything You Need to Play Your Best Golf

    Updated: Jul 28, 2021
    Pro Tip The Latest from Callaway Golf

    Shopping for Callaway golf clubs in Canada, among other Callaway golf products, makes sense when you live in Canada. That’s why GlobalGolf Canada exists!

    We find it important to note that, while GlobalGolf is headquartered in the United States, GlobalGolf Canada is located in the Toronto area. This means that when you buy Callaway golf clubs from GlobalGolf Canada, you’re doing business with your Canadian neighbours. Another bonus is you avoid customs taxes when you buy from GlobalGolf Canada, because our warehouse is here.

    Callaway Golf offers high-performance golf clubs, popular golf balls, lightweight golf bags, trendy golf hats and more at GlobalGolf Canada. Keeping the above benefits in mind, it’s better to buy your golf gear locally, and GlobalGolf Canada offers everything you need.

    Callaway Golf Clubs in Canada

    At GlobalGolf Canada, you can find the latest and greatest Callaway golf clubs for sale in Canada. Whether you’re looking for a new Callaway driver, a Callaway wedge or even an Odyssey putter, we have what you need to play your best for the most affordable price. Callaway golf clubs in Canada are the way to go if you’re local.

    Callaway Drivers

    Callaway Epic Speed Driver
    Callaway Mavrik Driver

    New Callaway drivers are always hot on the market. Between their use of Artificial Intelligence technology and popularity on the golf course, it’s no surprise that Callaway drivers continually fly off the shelves.

    No matter which driver line you prefer -- Big Bertha, Epic, Rogue, Mavrik or more -- you can find the best driver for you at GlobalGolf Canada. The advanced technology, like FlashFace, in their drivers means you’ll hit the golf ball further and straighter, more often.

    If you want to try the latest Callaway drivers, demo them with GlobalGolf Canada’s UTry®. Starting at just $35, you can demo the newest Callaway driver (or other clubs) for 14 days where, when and how you want. UTry® is the simplest and safest way to demo golf products -- you can truly try before you buy.


    Callaway Fairway Woods and Hybrids

    Callaway Epic Speed Fairway Wood
    Callaway Big Bertha B21 Hybrid

    Like their driver counterparts, Callaway fairway woods and Callaway hybrids also contain unbelievable amounts of innovation. Several options are available so you can easily close any distance gaps in your bag.

    If you prefer Callaway hybrids, a 4-iron hybrid is a solid substitute for a 7 wood. Whichever clubhead appeals to your eye, you can fill all the gaps with Callaway fairway woods and hybrids. Lastly, if you love your Callaway Epic Flash driver but prefer a B21 hybrid, rest assured you are getting the highest quality of clubs with Callaway, so mixing sets is not an issue; just ensure your club distances are evenly spaced.



    Callaway Irons

    Callaway Apex 21 Iron Set

    Callaway irons are known for their excellent feel. After releasing their first round of Apex irons, Callaway Golf designed high-performance irons left and right, providing you with plenty of choices that will fit your eye, and your budget.

    While any line of Callaway Apex irons are fantastic, most of their irons are forged. You can find Big Bertha and Epic iron lines at GlobalGolf Canada if you prefer a different look or composition. As always, check out GlobalGolf Canada’s UTry® to see which Callaway iron sets you can demo before you buy.


    Callaway Wedges

    Callaway MD5 JAWS Chrome S Grind Wedge

    Callaway wedges lifted off with the Mack Daddy wedge line. Since then, you can find popular Callaway wedges within the Mack Daddy family (labeled MD). One reason Callaway wedges stand out from the rest are the variety of grinds associated with each wedge, which help you navigate certain shots on the golf course:

    • W Grind: recommended for bunker shots or if you live up north with thick rough

    • S Grind: recommended if you are constantly traveling and changing course conditions

    • C Grind: recommended if you like to open the clubface for higher shots (flop shots, anyone?)

    • X Grind: recommended if you have a steep attack angle or consistently play in soft conditions


    Odyssey Putters

    Odyssey Triple Track Marxman Putter

    Callaway acquired Odyssey Golf in 1997, and Odyssey putters have been a large part of Callaway ever since. Odyssey putters have excelled in alignment designs over the years, starting with the iconic two-ball setup and evolving into the triple track models that line up with Callaway’s triple track golf balls.

    Odyssey putters come in an array of styles, from mallets to blades, though their mallets are one of the most common choices for any golfer with a straight putting stroke.


    Callaway Golf Preowned in Canada

    Whether you’re looking for the newest Callaway model or are on the hunt for used Callaway golf clubs, you can find a plethora of Callaway Golf preowned options in Canada. Buying used golf clubs is a great way to save money yet still buy new-to-you technology. The latest models, even if they are a couple years old, tend to include groundbreaking technology that will leave a noticeable difference on your game. Buying Certified Pre-Owned golf clubs from GlobalGolf Canada will give you peace of mind, as each club is thoroughly vetted and evaluated.

    Another way to save money is to trade in your golf clubs with UTrade-In™. Calculate the value of your current set of golf clubs and earn credit towards your next purchase. Buying Callaway used in Canada just became even more affordable.


    Callaway Golf Balls in Canada

    Callaway Chrome Soft X LS 21 Low Compression Golf Balls

    Buying Callaway golf balls in Canada, or anywhere, is a routine purchase. Because you love this game as much as we do, you’re out on the course all the time. Even if you’re not losing golf balls, it’s important to refresh your bag’s supply after using the same golf balls for a while -- scratches and nicks won’t do your game any favours.

    Fortunately, Callaway golf balls are high quality and have quickly joined the scene in the last decade. Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls have several variations depending on your swing type or desired feel, and they also come in different colors and with different alignment designs. Make sure you buy your Callaway Chrome Soft from Canada.


    Callaway Golf Bags in Canada

    Callaway Hyper-Lite Zero Logo Stand Golf Bag

    Callaway golf bags in Canada -- especially stand bags -- are an essential piece of golf equipment for your game. Callaway stand bags offer a flexibility other golf bags types don’t; you can strap the bag to the cart when you want to ride, or you can easily carry your clubs for a round thanks to the bag’s light weight and comfortable straps. Some Callaway golf stand bags even have double straps for even weight distribution across your shoulders -- no one likes sore shoulders after a day on the course.

    Moreover, Callaway stand bags offer sufficient storage with their pockets, though they keep weight in mind since many of you prefer carrying stand bags when you play. The carbon fiber legs on the bag are also strong, allowing you to place your golf bag anywhere on the course with confidence.


    Callaway Hats in Canada

    Callaway Tour Authentic Performance Pro Headwear

    Callaway golf hats in Canada are a no-brainer. In addition to the sun protection benefits, wearing a Callaway golf hat helps express your style on the course. Whether you like stylish snapback golf hats or brightly colored ones, GlobalGolf Canada has the golf hat for you.


    When it comes to Callaway Golf in Canada, you have every choice at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking for the freshest set of Callaway irons, high quality golf balls, popular Callaway stand bags or even something as simple as your new go-to golf hat, GlobalGolf Canada is here for you.