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Golf GPS/Range Finders

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Golf Rangefinders Overview

Today’s don’t-leave-home-without-it golf accessory is surely the laser rangefinder or handheld GPS unit. Once a novelty, these devices – which measure distances to targets such as greens, flagsticks and hazards – are now must-have tools in most players’ bags.

Golf rangefinders by brands like Bushnell, Nikon, Leupold and Precision Pro feature high-powered lenses and laser technology to lock onto targets. Golf GPS units, as you might expect, use the satellite-based Global Positioning System to identify key spots on the course – just like the GPS in your car or on your smartphone. In fact, industry giant Garmin ranks among the most popular golf GPS makers.

Which Should You Choose: A Golf Rangefinder or GPS?

First-time shoppers typically start with a single question: Which is better, a golfer rangefinder or GPS unit? The answer: It largely depends on what information is most important to you.

The key benefit of a laser rangefinder is the ability to get precise yardage to the flagstick. Where most GPS units provide distances to the green’s front, back and center, rangefinders can lock directly onto the stick itself.

GPS users can access touch-of-a-button info, usually sharply displayed on a full-color screen. Graphics of bunkers, water hazards, greens and other key spots include distances calculated from your exact location. Many units display actual green contours for added assistance. While GPS devices are small enough to fit inside your pocket, some are made to be worn like a wrist watch. Garmin Fenix GPS Watches are a prime example.

If it’s accuracy you’re after, you can’t go wrong with a golf rangefinder or GPS device. Top products in both categories boast accuracy within 1 or 2 yards of the chosen target – far better than you’ll get by stepping off your distance from the nearest sprinkler head or yardage marker.

Today’s golf rangefinders, unlike older models, don’t require flags to have reflective devices installed; they can acquire a standard pin as-is. Most feature noise-reduction technology that ensures you’re picking up the flag, not a tree or post in the background, and you don’t need a rock-steady hand, either.

As for GPS devices, most come pre-loaded with practically every golf course worldwide – over 40,000 and counting. They also allow you to keep score, track statistics such as greens in regulation, and calculate your driving distance.

Here at GlobalGolf, you’ll find customer reviews for golf rangefinders and GPS devices, along with a wide selection from the game’s most trusted brands.

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