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Pro Tip: Spring Clean Your Golf Bag

Pro Tip: Spring Clean Your Golf Bag

We all know about spring cleaning. Some dread it, some embrace it, but no matter your thoughts – it’s necessary.

The same can be said for your spring cleaning your golf gear. Perhaps you’ve had a few games already this year and are getting frustrated with the states of things, or maybe you’ve been delayed for that first round and are taking stock of what you’ve got.

Either way, now is a great time to give your golf bag and your round-to-round gear a bit of a facelift as we inch closer to summertime.

Whether your bag’s one good leg has finally given out, you’ve lost too many golf balls, or if those old shoes have finally worn through, here are a few great options to help spring clean your golf gear.

And besides these great selections, don’t forget about towels, hats, socks, tees, or anything else you might need!


Callaway Fairway 14 2022 Stand Golf Bag

Callaway golf bags are the perfect combination of durable and lightweight. The new Callaway golf bag – the Fairway 14 – combines the size and organization of a cart bag with the portability of a stand bag. Another new Callaway golf bag for 2022 is the CHEV 22. It’s got ample storage but is a sleek mid-size stand bag with four-way club organization.


Ping HooferLite 2021 Stand Golf Bag

The gold standard of golf bags is the Ping Hoofer golf bag. There are plenty of options of Ping Hoofer golf bags if your whole bag needs to be replaced this spring, with the namesake offering up a ton of great features. The innovative top isolates every club, SensorCool technology in the straps keep you cool, and there’s a new strap connector to make slipping the bag




Titleist Pro V1 Tour Golf Balls

If you’ve noticed you’re low on golf balls at this time of the year – or just sick of playing those old ones you find in the forest – picking up some new Titleist golf balls to fill in that gap would be a helpful solution. Titleist has been the No.1 ball in golf for years, and there’s plenty of reasons for that.


Whether you’re looking for the Tour performance and durability of the Pro V1 or Pro V1x or looking for as complete a ball as possible but at an affordable price like the Tour Soft, Titleist golf balls are a perfect addition to your bag.



Bag Boy Quad XL Pull Cart

Face it: we’re all getting older. If you’ve lugged your last round with your bag – or if you’re keen to still walk 18 holes but are struggling with some injuries – getting a push cart is going to be a solid investment.

The collection of Bay Boy push carts means there are options for every golfer and budget. The Bag Boy Quad XL is big on benefits but weighs just 16 pounds, while the Bag Boy Nitron is the most fully loaded Bag Boy push cart available, and the Bag Boy Compact 3 is an extra durable, cost-effective model.



Your shoes are the only piece of golf equipment that get used between shots as well as during – so it should come as no surprise that they would get worn down quickly.

As you’re doing your golf spring cleaning this year, take a good look at your shoes. The technology in shoes has changed dramatically over the last few years. Perhaps it’s time to try a spikeless model? Or perhaps it’s just time for a replacement (especially if they’re being held together by duct tape or otherwise!).


Adidas Tour360 22 Golf Shoe

Adidas leans into its global footwear team’s R&D for its line of golf shoes. Highlighted by the adidas Tour360 22, adidas golf shoes boast features like Jet Boost for improved stability and direct-inject TPU spikes to provide traction without extra spike pressure.


Puma Ignite Fasten8

Puma Ignite golf shoes for 2022 are a spikeless model that still has excellent gripping power, along with breathability, support, and comfort.


Not sure what bag, shoe or ball is right for you – head to USelect™ and discover the best gear for your game