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XXIO Golf Clubs at GlobalGolf

XXIO Driver Group

Although XXIO is difficult to pronounce, it’s easy to hit. And with golf equipment, that’s kind of the point.

The Japanese manufacturer initially came to the United States at the end of 2014, and XXIO first made steps into the Canadian market about three years later.

“XXIO offers clubs with real distance gains for moderate swing-speed golfers,” says Ryan Polanco, the marketing manager for North America for XXIO. “It’s not meant for Tour players, it’s really designed for average golfers.”

Ryan Polanco

Ryan Polanco, XXIO North American Marketing Manager

XXIO’s design philosophy is wrapped in giving a ‘normal’ club player who swings around 95 mph or below an opportunity to hit clubs specifically made for him. XXIO had been the No.1 golf brand in Japan for more than two decades, and it had an iterative development process – every year the product would just get 2-3 percent better, says Polanco.

“It’s become something special in the marketplace, and specifically for North America now, too,” he says. “So many golfers don’t swing at 110 mph. This product performs and it’s beautiful. It’s highly technical but it performs the best when you’re on the course – it just generates more ball speed for so many golfers.

“If you don’t swing 110 mph this product is just going to perform better for you because it was designed specifically for you.”

Unlike other brands, Polanco says, XXIO wasn’t designed first for golfers like Bryson DeChambeau and then watered down with lighter shafts or different heads for the average golfer. Each component of each XXIO club, he explains, is designed as an entire unit.

“The driver has a different weighted grip than the 3-wood, which has a different weighted grip than the 7-iron. Each is a whole unit that’s optimally designed for moderate swing speeds,” says Polanco. “In other industries you might have heard of ‘shrink it and pink it’ for ladies’ gear. This is exactly the opposite. XXIO product is specifically designed for moderate swing-speed players.”

Have you been thinking about changing over to a set of clubs built for your swing speed? Or maybe you’re looking to upgrade from an older set? Check out some more details on the XXIO line available at below.


XXIO X Family Clubs

XXIO X Family Clubs

First released in 2018 this is the first product from XXIO that is not just lightweight, but it’s easier to swing, too. The XXIO X line (X, in this case, means 10) available from GlobalGolf includes a driver, fairway wood, hybrid, irons, and wedge. Specifically with the driver, it features cup-face construction that allows the perimeter to be thinner, saving weight and transferring more energy to the ball for more distance.

The lightweight club, according to Polanco, also has a higher balance point, which makes it easier to swing.

“Think about holding a club on the grip and giving it a waggle – the head is a little heavier,” says Polanco. “The lower swing MOI here is like you’ve flipped the club around and you’re waggling the grip on the opposite end. It makes it a lot easier to swing.”

XXIO Prime 9

XXIO Prime 9 Family

XXIO Prime 9 Family

Available in a driver and fairway wood (there is a 9 series iron set, too) the XXIO Prime 9 line is even lighter and even easier to swing than the XXIO X line. This set is specifically build for golfers who swing around 80 mph with their drivers.

The driver featured a winged cup face, which was specific to XXIO for a long time – according to Polanco. There is an expanded COR because of the winged cup face, which is a manufacturing capability tough to duplicate.

If you’re not swinging that fast it’s likely carry distance is going to be the greatest factor to create more length so the XXIO Prime 9 line uses more high-end materials like tungsten and high-strength steel to help create optimal launch for more carry distance.

“It helps balls get up in the air faster,” says Polanco.

XXIO Ambasador Ernie Els

Written and intended to the audience by Adam Stanley

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