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Pro Tip: Upgrade Your Wedge Game with TaylorMade MG3

Pro Tip: Upgrade Your Wedge Game with TaylorMade MG3

As golf season in Canada heads through its busy summertime stretch, some golfers may be wondering about their scoring clubs. While so many are keen to gain that extra 10 or 15 yards or roll it on the greens a little smoother, your wedges are your key scoring clubs.

USelect™ Wedges

If you’ve had the same set of wedges for a number of years, or, if you lean towards hitting the same wedge for most of your shots around the green the grooves may be worn out – thus eliminating your ability to stick it close.

Grooves on a wedge have the same function as the threads on a car tire, allowing water or debris to move away from the ball so then you can have cleaner contact and better control. Grooves help with making shots out of the rough or through the sand a little more predictable.

So, when you’re playing with wedges that have dull grooves whether through age or extensive use, you may actually be giving up shots due to the inconsistency of club-on-ball.


New TaylorMade wedges could be just the set to help you improve with those around-the-green shots. From 100 yards and in the new TaylorMade MG3 wedges feature industry-leading tech to help you drop-and-stop and knock your scoring shots closer.


The TaylorMade MG3 wedges boast ‘Raw’ face technology, which is, according to the company, a finish that allows TaylorMade to deliver “the most aggressive spin” in the history of TaylorMade wedges. Raw faces will gradually rust as well, giving golfers a time-honoured aesthetic plus consistent spin for years to come.


Also featured in the new TaylorMade wedge set is increased precision-milling to enhance feel and spin, plus some raised micro-ribs between the full grooves that TaylorMade says will help add texture and increase spin and performance.

The TaylorMade MG3 wedge reviews are in, and they are universally accepted as the top TaylorMade wedge set in years. The ZTP Raw groove design is narrower, deeper, and sharper which helps you hit great shots even in wet conditions.

Overall, the benefit of fresh grooves combined with some fresh tech in the new TaylorMade wedges means you’ll find a ton of success with your scoring clubs this summer.

The next time you’re out practicing or playing around the greens, look at your grooves. If they’re looking worn, or if you can’t remember the last time you got new wedges, then the new TaylorMade MG3 wedges may be the perfect replacement.