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Pro Tip: Gain Stability with TaylorMade Spider GT Putters

Pro Tip: Taylormade SpiderGT Putters

Putting is all about feel.

When you’re on the greens – no matter what kind of shape those greens may be in – you’re looking for the break and trying to judge the line but when it comes to rolling in more putts, what’s in your hand has got to feel good.

The TaylorMade Spider putter line has become an iconic addition to the bags of many of the world’s top golfers, along with plenty of weekend warriors. And now the new TaylorMade putters have expanded as the Spider GT line has four new models for 2022 with a focus on weight distribution for better feel.


While there has been a handful of changes to the TaylorMade Spider putter line in the past, even a semi-serious golfer could always identify what the TaylorMade putters stamped ‘Spider’ would look like. However, for 2022, the new TaylorMade putters have a fresh design standard. Each of the models in the new TaylorMade Spider putter line come with either a 34 or 35-inch shaft and each – they are all mallets – come in either a short-slant shaft hosel or a single-bend hosel. The short-slant shaft hosels are best for players who have moderate face rotation in their putting stroke while the single-bend hosels are ideal for golfers who have a straight-back and straight-through putting motion (with minimal face rotation).

Since putters don’t rely on fresh tech as much as say, a driver (no one is out there looking to gain five yards with their putter!) you can be sure to know that used TaylorMade putters – of which has a nice selection – still may feel just as good for you as a fresh release.

However, given TaylorMade’s golf specific research and development team, you can be confident in knowing the new Spider GT putters have that extra-special something to help you make more putts this season.

Here’s everything you need to know each member of the new TaylorMade Spider putter line.


TaylorMade Spider GT Black SB Putter

The story for the titular Spider GT is all about weight. There are two 90-gram steel side weights (pushing 82 percent of the putter’s mass towards the perimeter for more stability) plus a 145-gram top plate that comes in four colours. The face boasts a new Pure Roll insert to help with ball-speed consistency.


TaylorMade Spider GT Notchback SB Putter

TaylorMade claims the new TaylorMade Spider GT Notchback has the highest MOI of any mid-sized mallet Spider. The mid-mallet shape moves the CG forward to help with face rotation which is set to help golfers who have strokes that arch (vs. straight back, straight through)


TaylorMade Spider GT Rollback SB Putter

The new Spider GT Rollback has the longest sightline of any of the new Spider models – coming in either silver with a triple-line setup to help with aim or a black model that is high contrast. It has a tungsten rollbar with added perimeter weighting that helps to boost stability.


TaylorMade Spider GT Splitback SB Putter

There are no aluminum additions to this TaylorMade Spider model but instead this split-wing design is made of a heavier steel. Those wings are also filled with a urethane foam (not unlike the SpeedFoam used in some of TaylorMade’s irons) to reduce vibrations. The Spider GT Splitback also boasts TruePath, TaylorMade’s black/white contrast ball alignment aid.