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Pro Tip: More Consistent Speed with the Odyssey Ai-ONE Line

More Consistent Speed with the Odyssey Ai-ONE Line

Odyssey’s all-new putters have been crafted using Artificial Intelligence to help produce a face insert that gives golfers a consistent ball speed – plus the White Hot feel that players have loved for decades.

The R&D department behind the Odyssey Ai-ONE putter had a mission to help players reduce three-putts, and they found that the biggest factor that went into that was ball speed. The main variable for why ball speed impacted putts, they found, was because of off-centre hits on the putter face.

And that’s not just for weekend golfers wielding putters in Canada. Jon Rahm, Odyssey’s team says, lost about $2.5 million in 2023 due to three putts!

For the latest Odyssey putters the R&D team tapped into AI in order to help create a putter face that would be more consistent with speed – even when golfers miss the centre of the face.

In the process, Odyssey putters borrowed some of the variable face thickness ideas that AI generated for parent-company Callaway’s driver designs. The designers also developed a ‘Panlite’ window – made of unique automotive grade polymer – which allows Odyssey to showcase the one-of-its-kind topology of the back of the insert.

The new offerings are designed to help you putt smarter.

There are two face options for the latest Odyssey putters in the Ai-ONE and Ai-ONE Milled – there’s a firmer metal insert and a softer polymer insert. There are eight versions of the Ai-ONE Milled and five of the Ai-ONE.

The objective of the new Odyssey Ai-ONE putters was to aim to raise ball speed on mis-hits, an idea that was about four years in the making, according to Eric Strubben, the manager of research and development for Odyssey putters.

“Myself and a couple of other engineers, when we looked at the driver, we said, ‘Why can’t be design a putter in that same way?’ Sure it’s a smaller swing and there’s less force at impact, but that face can still flex if we design it right, we can utilize that and we can use our AI to try to improve the face on our putter designs,” Strubben told Golf Digest. “We said, ‘Let’s minimize the standard deviation of ball speed around the face.’”

The revolutionary Ai-ONE urethane insert helps to deliver consistent ball speeds, even from off-centre hits, leaving putts up to 21 percent closer to the hole. A lightweight SL 90 steel shaft with 20-30 grams – depending on the grip – of counterbalance weight is placed in the butt end, an evolution of Odyssey’s Stroke Lab Weighting that is set to appeal to even more golfers. All the Ai-ONE putters also feature a navy blue PVD finish.


The new Ai-ONE milled boasts multi-material construction and unique contours on the back of the face that minimize ball-speed losses on off-centre hits and bumps up the size of the sweet spot. The putter has a striking look thanks to a unique champagne finish that complements the navy blue PVD of the head.


There’s plenty to be excited about with Odyssey’s new putters as Rahm and Sam Burns put them into their bags immediately for the Ryder Cup while women’s world No. 2 Ruoning Yin is also gaming one.


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