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Pro Tip: Ultimate Precision & Performance - Cobra King Black Wedges

Pro Tip: Ultimate Precision & Performance - Cobra King Black Wedges

It seems the thing most often yelled by us weekend warriors to our golf balls is, “Bite!” and now the new Cobra wedges are planning to help with exactly that.

The new Cobra KING wedge – available in a black and chrome finish – plays homage to the history of the ‘King Cobra’ brand while offering golfers a new-age way of hitting your scoring shots closer.

The big story for the new Cobra wedges is all about the SNAKEBITE groove design that is engineered to maximize spin and help produce more, well, bite, around the greens.

Cobra King Wedge

The SNAKEBITE grooves in the new Cobra wedges are 40 percent sharper. The Cobra team used a re-engineered cutting method to help this process unfold which tightens groove tolerances while creating the sharpest and most accurate groove possible thanks to maximizing groove volume.

This all-new design effort produced grooves that are 11 percent deeper as well as edges that were 40 percent sharper. All that allows for golfers to get maximum spin on the ball.


The grooves in the new Cobra wedges are also available in a traditional cut (narrower and deeper) but also in a full-face cut. The full-face grooves are wider and shallower and extend all the way to the toe to help create more spin on shots with an open face. Cobra calls it Progressive Face Grooves, as the traditional grooves are offered in the 50, 52, and 54-degree lofts to help to optimize spin on approach shots, while the full-face grooves offered on the 56, 58, and 60-degree wedges help with performance spin around the greens.

The grooves are really the story for the new Cobra wedges as they were designed to help you improve with your scoring clubs.

The Cobra KING Black Wedge also features the SNAKEBITE grooves but, as Cobra says, with a “little more edge.” The black colourway is the latest drop of new Cobra wedges, and it boasts a new satin black finish that reduces glare and is highly durable. That makes for a stealthy-looking and long-lasting wedge.

The new Cobra wedges are available six lofts, three grinds, and come in One Length as well.