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Pro Tip: Your Guide to Left-Handed Golf Clubs

Pro TIp Your Guide to Left-Handed Golf Clubs

It’s a famous Canadian story that arguably changed the direction of one of the country’s top golfers for the better.

Mike Weir once wrote a letter to Jack Nicklaus, as a youngster, asking about whether or not he should switch to play golf right-handed instead.

Mike Weir, Canadian PGA Tour Player

Mike Weir, Canadian PGA Tour Player

“I have always believed that a left-handed player is better off sticking with his natural swing,” Nicklaus wrote back to the 13-year-old Canadian.

“I just wanted to thank you for writing and to wish you the best of luck in your hope of becoming a professional golfer.”

Turns out, that decision helped Weir – only one of four left-handers to win a major – become one of Canada’s most celebrated professional athletes, and, until Brooke Henderson came along, one of the winningest Canadians on either the PGA or LPGA Tour (plus he’s got a nice green sport coat in his closet, too).

“I will never forget reading that letter over and over again. He gave me two things that day. One, the permission to go after this aspiration exactly as I am,” wrote Weir in a blog post on his website some years later. “He reminded me that there’s no perfect way to look or be, I just had to do the work.”

Nearly 13 percent of all Canadians are left-handed, and the PGA pegged the number of left-handed golfers in the county at seven percent in 2010. Some anecdotal numbers these days have it as high as 30 percent.



The biggest brands in the game are making all of their left-handed golf clubs in Canada readily available. That includes women’s left-handed golf clubs, too.

Take the Ping G LE2 iron set, for example. A fabulous option for female golfers of all skill levels, the set – which is aided by a lighter swing weight – is available for lefty ladies who have maybe picked up the game over the last two summers.

Ping G Le2 Left Handed Iron Set

Not only are there lots of men’s left-handed golf clubs in Canada (the truth of the matter is, so many Canadians pick up hockey first, so with so many of them firing pucks left-handed that action naturally transferred over to golf) but also plenty of used left-handed clubs available, too – all at great prices.

So whether you’re wondering like Weir whether playing golf left-handed is right for you or if you’re a long-time lefty then there are plenty of left-handed clubs in Canada available to help you play your best.