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Ping G430 Clubs

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The new PING G430 Family of Clubs offers the largest jump in performance of any new line of clubs in company history. Advanced technologies and materials feature in all-new head shapes to deliver unrivaled ball speeds and incredible sound at impact. Along with incredible distance and unrivaled forgiveness, the PING G430 is truly the next great innovation in the game. The G430 Line comes in Driver, Fairway Wood, Hybrids, and Iron Sets.

  • Drivers

    ping g430 driver hero

    Adding Incredible Distance to the Game's Most Forgiving

    The PING G430 Drivers feature a new face design that has been optimized to deliver more flex on the face at impact for more distance. These faster ball speeds and increased distance still come with incredible accuracy and forgiveness, the feature that sepearates PING from all. The PING G430 Drivers feature 3 unique Driver models - G430 LST, G430 SFT, and G430 MAX. The G430 LST offers a 440cc head that delivers a penetrating tracjectory with incredible ball speeds. The G430 SFT is the most forgiving option in the G430 lineup, boasting the most draw bias that still incorporates unrivaled speed and distance. The G430 MAX is the all-around answer to more forgiveness, featuring an adjustable 25g sliding back weight that shifts the CG for optimized performance.

    • G430 MAX Driver Specs

      PING G430 MAX Driver Specs

      Loft Adjustability Length Lie Angle Head Weight Head Size Swing Weight
      9.0° +/-1.5° 45.75" 58.5° 206g 460cc D3
      10.5° +/-1.5° 45.75" 58.5° 206g 460cc D3
      12.0° +/-1.5° 45.75" 58.5° 206g 460cc D3
    • G430 LST Driver Specs

      PING G430 LST Driver Specs

      Loft Adjustability Length Lie Angle Head Weight Head Size Swing Weight
      +/-1.5° 45.75" 57° 208g 440cc D4
      10.5° +/-1.5° 45.75" 57° 208g 440cc D4
    • G430 SFT Driver Specs

      PING G430 SFT Driver Specs

      Loft Adjustability Length Lie Angle Head Weight Head Size Swing Weight
      10.5° +/-1.5° 45.75" 58.5° 200g 460cc C9
  • Fairway Woods

    ping g430 fairway wood hero

    Reach The Par 5's in 2 with Ease

    The new PING G430 Fairway Woods feature new features, materials, and design characteristics that are geared to elevate your game. An all-new Carbonfly Wrap optimally positions the CG to deliver higher ball speeds and launch angles at impact, leading to incredible distance gains from any lie. Other features such as the Spinsistencey and Facewrap aid in higher ball speeds and increased forgivenes. The PING G430 Fairway Woods come in 2 unique models - G430 MAX and G430 SFT. The G430 MAX gives you a slightly forward CG, optimizing spin and maximizing ball speed. The G430 SFT offers a more draw-biased design, helping to produce more accurate, drawing shots that result in more greens and fairways hit.

    • G430 MAX Fairway Wood Specs

      PING G430 MAX Fairway Woods Specs

      Club Loft Loft Adjustability Length Lie Angle Head Size Swing Weight
      3W 15° +/-1.5° 43" 56° 176cc D1
      5W 18° +/-1.5° 42.5" 56.5° 165cc D1
      7W 21° +/-1.5° 42" 57° 154c D1
      9W 24° +/-1.5° 41.5" 57.5° 148cc D1
    • G430 SFT Fairway Wood Specs

      PING G430 SFT Fairway Woods Specs

      Club Loft Loft Adjustability Length Lie Angle Head Size Swing Weight
      3W 16° +/-1.5° 43" 56.5° 188cc D0
      5W 19° +/-1.5° 42.5" 57° 178cc D0
      7W 22° +/-1.5° 42" 57.5° 166cc D0
  • Hybrids

    ping g430 hybrid hero

    Performance and Versatility - Reimagined

    The new PING G430 Hybrids feature Carbonfly wrap, Spinsistency, and Facewrap technologies, all engineered to produce incredible distance and consistent spins from a variety of lies. The G430 is the ideal replacement for the long to mid iron in your bag. The G430 Hybrid comes in 6 unique lofts, ranging from 2 Hybrid - 7 Hybrid, giving you flexibility to fit these in the bag.

    • G430 Hybrid Specs

      PING G430 Hybrid Specs

      Club Loft Loft Adjustability Length Lie Angle Swing Weight Iron Equivalent Fairway Equivalent
      2H 17° +/-1.5° 40.75" 57° D1 2 iron 5 wood
      3H 19° +/-1.5° 40.25" 57.5° D1 3 iron 7 wood
      4H 22° +/-1.5° 39.75" 58° D1 4 iron 9 wood
      5H 26° +/-1.5° 39.25" 58.5° D1 5 iron -
      6H 30° +/-1.5° 38.75" 59° D1 6 iron -
      7H 34° +/-1.5° 38.25" 59.5° D1 7 iron -
  • Iron Set

    ping g430 iron set hero

    Taking Shot Making to the Next Level

    The PING G430 Irons take confidence and playability to the next level. A lower CG throughout the set features stronger lofts and a thinner face to give you significant distance increases by increasing ball speed at impact. The G430 irons also feature a slightly compact shape that boosts confidence at address.

    • G430 Iron Set Specs

      PING G430 Iron Set Specs

      Club Length Loft Retro Spec Loft Power Spec Loft Lie Angle Bounce Offset Swing Weight
      4 38 7/8" 19° 20° 18° 60.5° 0.27 D0
      5 38 1/4" 22° 24° 21° 61° 0.24 D0
      6 37 5/8" 25.5° 27.5° 24° 61.5° 0.21 D0
      7 37" 29° 31° 27.5° 62° 0.18 D0
      8 36 1/2" 33° 34.5° 31.5° 62.8° 10° 0.15 D0
      9 36" 37° 38° 36° 63.5° 11.5° 0.13 D0.5
      PW 35 1/2" 41° 41.5° 41° 64.1° 13° 0.11 D2
      45.5 35 1/2" 45.5° 46° 45.5° 64.1° 13° 0.11 D2
      50 35 1/2" 50° 50° 50° 64.1° 13° 0.11 D2
      54 35 1/4" 54° 54° 54° 64.4° 14° 0.09 D3
      58 35" 58° 58° 58° 64.6° 14° 0.08 D4

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