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Trade-In Your Clubs at

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Canadian golfers were a busy bunch in 2020. According to Golf Canada data, more rounds were logged in its system than ever before through the summer and early fall.

So you’d be forgiven if you’re starting to think about how you can give a gift to yourself, with the holiday season around the corner, as a reward for all the golf you played this year.

Luckily has a fabulous trade-in program, and right now there is a 10 percent trade-in bonus on all clubs – making it even easier and cost-effective to upgrade whatever you need in your bag.

Trade Up Days at

Trading in your golf clubs with is a great way to upgrade your current setup without breaking the bank during its Trade-Up Days. And, if you were one of the innumerable Canadians who played more golf than ever before this summer, it’s a good time to see what else might be out there.

It works like this – you’re ‘selling’ your current clubs (or individual club) to and using that money to buy something new. Say you’ve got a driver that’s valued at $200 (something you can easily find out at but want to upgrade to a driver costing $449, in the end you’re only paying $249.

You can also send GlobalGolf your club and decide to buy something new later. Just like cars, golf clubs decline in value quickly. A club that’s tucked away in your basement might be worth $100 now but only $50 in a month or two when you’ve nailed down what the replacement club will be.

If you send GlobalGolf your club earlier then you’ll receive a gift certificate to use whenever you wish.

In order to find the best market price for clubs, GlobalGolf uses The Golf PriceBook to determine values of clubs. It’s the same book that major retailers and pro shops have been using for many years and given its experience and market knowledge, GlobalGolf is confident in the prices reflected in your trade.

Club condition, of course, matters. A like-new driver will be worth more than one with a dent on top (no judgment from GlobalGolf on how that dent got there). Iron sets must include five, six, seven, or eight sequential irons to be considered for trade-in.

The process is simple as’s online trade-in portal provides step-by-step instructions for someone hoping to trade in an old club. First, you select what club it is – from driver to putter. Then you click on what brand it is, followed by the model. If you don’t see the brand or model, then GlobalGolf is not accepting trade-ins on it at this time. The final portion of the trade-in description is the particulars (right hand? Shaft?) and then you will be given a value. From there, you can click through and add to your trade.

So you’ve decided which club is going to get traded, which will be bought, and you’re about to take advantage of the 10 percent bonus bump during GlobalGolf Trade-Up Days. But how are you supposed to get your old clubs to us? That’s even easier.

Most trade-ins coming from Canada will receive a Purolator label, which can be used to send the clubs to GlobalGolf. If your trade-in is valued at $99 or greater, you’ll get a pre-paid label.

Even though you may have played more golf than ever in 2020, now is a perfect opportunity to replace some of those clubs with something fresh for next season – at a price that’s hard to beat thanks to the GlobalGolf Trade-Up Days.

Written and intended to the audience by Adam Stanley