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Pro Tip: Popular Golf Shafts in Canada

Pro Tip: Popular Golf Shafts

For so many golfers, shafts can be an after-thought. They’re installed with your clubs – maybe steel, maybe graphite – and you likely have a little sense on whether you need something flexible or a little stiff.

But a good shaft is the key to consistency with every shot, and a shaft that’s fit to what your specific swing specifications are will help to influence your game improvement efforts.

Golf Shafts

There are plenty of options when it comes to golf shafts for sale because each brand is utilizing materials, construction, and technology to help you strike the ball better and more consistently.

A common refrain in the golf world is that the shaft is the transmission of the golf club. If you had the transmission of a sports car in a transport truck, you’d still be able to drive, but your experience wouldn’t be as clean.

That’s where a proper golf shaft comes in.

The grip and the head of the club will work seamlessly together with an appropriate shaft in order to help you play better golf.

The key things to think about when buying golf shafts in Canada are the weight, flex, and length. In general, a slower-swinging golfer would benefit from a light shaft, while a faster swinger would be able to handle a heavier shaft. That said, there are plenty of quick swingers who like the feel of a light shaft as they try to generate even more speed and distance.

Choosing the right flex, meanwhile, has to do with your tempo (while length is self-explanatory).

Despite all the variables that exist in both new and used golf shafts, the good news is that there are options from the biggest brands in the game – some of which you’ve likely been using in your sets for years and may not even realize how impressive the teams behind these golf shafts are – that will fit any golfer’s profile. has plenty of options of new and used golf shafts in Canada, most of which are available from either Fujikura or Mitsubishi.

The Fujikura Ventus Blue, for example, was designed to maximize ball speed – especially on off-centre shots – and significantly tighten shot dispersion. The team at Fujikura has attempted to provide golfers with a big-time energy transfer from the tip section, which boosts the clubhead’s performance.


From Mitsubishi, the Diamana S+ Blue sports a mid-flight profile with a mid-balance point. It also has a special progressive torque installation, which helps to torque the flex of the shaft to optimize stability by swing speed.


Regardless of which new or used golf shaft you may be looking for – depending on your swing, height, and needs – a shaft is the most important thing to help you get where you want to go on the course. Longer and straighter, too.