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    Pro Tip: Life-Changing Golf Accessories, from Golf Hats to Golf Grips

    Pro Tip: Life-Changing Golf Accessories, from Golf Hats to Golf Grips

    When you picture yourself out on the golf course, you might not be thinking about all the golf accessories you need to make that vision a reality, like golf hats to keep the sun out of your eyes or the golf grips to help you rip the perfect shot. But playing without the right golf accessories can be the difference between improving your game or not hitting your best.

    We’re bringing together the most popular golf accessories to remind you why they’re a critical part of your game and why it may or may not be time for you to finally consider an upgrade. Read on for insight into golf hats, golf grips, golf head covers in Canada and more!

    Why shop with GlobalGolf Canada specifically? Not only are you supporting a business in Canada, but you can avoid customs and fees with your purchase. All purchases come from our warehouse in Toronto, so you don’t need to worry about your items crossing the border.

    Golf Club Head Covers to Protect Your Most Valuable Assets

    Ping Maple Leaf Driver Headcover

    You’ve carefully selected your golf clubs and spent a lot of money on your equipment. Make sure these valuable items are protected with golf head covers. Not only that, but the right covers can also allow you to stand out on the course and express your personal style.

    If you haven’t spent much time looking into different kinds of golf head covers, you might not know much about the types of materials they come in or the sizes for different types of clubs.

    It’s important to pay attention to the type of head cover you’re purchasing since there are different types of head covers made specifically for each type of golf club in your bag. If you are only looking for a putter head cover and you purchase a driver head cover, you’ll be disappointed.

    Understanding the pros and cons of different materials can also help you make an informed purchasing decision. For golf club head covers that will last, consider a waterproof material like vinyl or a strong material like neoprene. If you care less about longevity and more about personality, there are lots of plush head covers that will allow you to bring a little humor to the golf course.

    With new golf club covers from Canada and beyond, GlobalGolf Canada has an incredible selection with a variety of brands, sizes, materials and styles.


    Improve Your Swing with New Golf Grips

    Lamkin Crossline Grip

    When was the last time you really took a look at your current golf grips? After repeated use, your golf grips can wear down over time and give you less traction. Your hands can slip, and suddenly you find you don’t have the control you need to make that shot against your buddies for the win.

    Golf grips come in many varieties and styles depending on how you grip your clubs and whether you’re right- or left-handed. It’s also important to pay attention to whether a grip has been developed for a specific type of club, like a putter versus a driver. Finally, grips come in different thicknesses, so if you know you have a preference you might want to evaluate your options with that in mind.


    Look and Feel Great with Stylish Golf Hats

    Callaway Rutherford Flexfit Snapback

    Most golfers’ idea of a good time probably looks like a beautiful sunny day and 18 holes. An important part of your uniform is a great looking golf hat. Not just a fashion statement, golf hats in Canada, or on any golf course, protect your eyes and face from the sun and help keep sweat off your brow.

    Nowadays there are many different styles to choose from. If you want something other than the classic golf hat, consider a visor, “trucker hat” or even a bucket hat to protect yourself from the sun. Sport a hat with your favourite golf gear brand or find something that shows off your personality.


    Maintain Your Grip with Golf Gloves

    TaylorMade Stratus Tech Glove

    Having a quality pair of golf gloves is imperative to playing your best and preserving your hands over the course of a round. They help you grip the club well so your hand position doesn’t slip as you swing.

    This is especially important for warm days when your hands might get sweaty or rainy days when the grip becomes extra slippery. They also ensure your hands don’t blister so you can play more often and without pain.

    Find golf gloves by some of your favourite brands, like Callaway, Titleist and TaylorMade, crafted with quality materials in a variety of sizes. If the classic white glove isn’t quite your style, check out some of the alternate colours in stock as well.


    Stay Ahead of the Game with Golf Tech

    Garmin Approach S62 Watch

    If you’re a fan of incorporating the latest advances in technology into your daily life, then your golf game shouldn’t be an exception. With gadgets like golf rangefinders and GPS watches,GPS and rangefinders, use golf tech to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

    From wearable GPS golf watches to handhelds attached to your golf bag, orient yourself on the course so you always know how far you are from the pin. You can also keep a golf rangefinder handy in your golf bag to accurately measure distance to anywhere on the course (yes, even hazards).

    Browse the different models GlobalGolf Canada has in stock to determine whether a golf GPS watch or rangefinder is right for you. Remember that you’re able to demo golf tech through GlobalGolf Canada's UTry® service to ensure you’re confident with your selection.


    Make sure you’re ready to play, rain or shine, anytime of day with the right golf accessories. Protect your eyes and skin with golf hats and gloves, while preserving the longevity of your clubs with new golf grips and golf club head covers. Choose to make your purchases in Canada with GlobalGolf Canada to ensure you’re getting the best products and prices possible.