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  • Certified PreOwned: Modern Technology & Budget Friendly

    Updated: Sep 22, 2020
    On the Range Blog

    Can you get modern technology at a price point that fits most budgets? With GlobalGolf’s Certified PreOwned program the answer is a resounding ‘yes.’

    As the Canadian golf season begins to wind down, golfers across the country are likely starting to think about how they could improve for next year and are itching to replace a club or clubs that just didn’t perform well enough.

    Without breaking the bank, the Certified PreOwned program from GlobalGolf gives golfers the opportunity to buy clubs from the biggest names in the sport – with top-notch quality to boot.

    “You can get some fabulous technology for far less money,” says Zack Veasey, the chief strategy and business development officer for GlobalGolf. “There is a fabulous savings story. And, when you buy something pre-owned from GlobalGolf it’s gone through a rigorous inspection so you’re getting great quality.”

    Zack Veasey, PGA


    Indeed, GlobalGolf’s studies have shown most people will typically trade up or at least begin the consideration process for replacement drivers every 3-4 years, while iron sets will get swapped every 5-7 years. If you purchased a driver four years ago and end up settling on the TaylorMade M6, for example (TaylorMade’s 2019 model) there is going to be a fairly measurable difference between the two clubs.

    TaylorMade M6 Driver

    TaylorMade M6 Driver

    The difference between the TaylorMade M6 from 2019 and the TaylorMade SIM from 2020 won’t be as noticeable, says Veasey.

    “The technology that exists in a 2019 or 2018 club, especially if you bought an iron set in 2011 or 2012, is just unbelievable,” he explains. “It’s unbelievable how much forgiveness and additional distance someone could find in a more current model driver or iron set.”

    TaylorMade Sim Driver

    TaylorMade SIM Driver

    Many manufacturers have gone away from building drivers that retail for approximately $300, new. You can wait for the current year’s model to cascade in price, but that usually takes 12-18 months, Veasey says. Looking at a pre-owned club from just a year ago – with new drivers costing upwards of $700 – offers a nice savings alternative.


    GlobalGolf’s Certified PreOwned clubs offer its purchasers so much peace of mind as well.

    There’s a 12-month warranty and each club has gone through a six-point inspection from GlobalGolf’s trained staff, which, Veasey says, has 100’s of years cumulatively in the golf business. Woods will come with a like-new headcover, and will be thoroughly cleaned prior to being shipped out. Not only that, there is a 30-day ‘change your mind’ return policy and 100 percent shipping damage guarantee on GlobalGolf Certified PreOwned clubs.

    It’s not as common these days, but Veasey says the team also keeps a keen eye on copies of products (as in, products that have made their way on the market that didn’t come from the company itself).

    “We also look at the quality of the club and the little things that could be there but might be difficult to recognize. Over the course of time, with other hits, those little things could compound and become more identifiable,” he says. “Our team is really accomplished at knowing what to look for.”


    While the products themselves have gone through multi-point inspections and provide its users with amazing technology at a great price, there’s something even more important to think about when buying pre-owned – a benefit to the environment.

    The “re-commerce” economy has made its way into other retail categories including luxury luggage, handbags, and even apparel. Buying products that are pre-owned these days not only means good value but also you’re keeping an eye on the environment – with fewer things ending up in landfills.

    “Pre-owned” is a much less dirtier word than perhaps its past reputation has made you believe.

    “There is a younger generation group that is very conscious of re-purposing product and very conscious of their dollar. They see value in their pocket books and value to the environment,” says Veasey. “When you have a standpoint of golf clubs and the slight deviation on a year basis for additional technology it makes it perfectly acceptable to purchase something in pre-owned condition.”

    So as the Canadian golf season begins to wrap up, don’t feel like you need to buy the newest of the new – there are a ton of great Certified PreOwned options out there that are big on technology but easy on both your wallet and the environment.