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Pro Tip: 2023 Bridgestone Golf Balls

Pro Tip: 2023 Bridgestone Golf Balls

When Tiger Woods chooses a new golf ball, you better believe the golf world is paying attention. So, when Woods pivoted to Bridgestone golf balls in 2016, it was certainly something to take notice of.

Even though Woods doesn’t tee it up as often as he’s done in the past due to injury, he still used Bridgestone for his late-career milestones including winning the Masters in 2019.

In the midst of the Canadian summertime, you may be looking to experiment with a new golf ball if you’re looking for more distance, control, accuracy, or feel.

New for 2023 is the Bridgestone e6, which is the ultimate combination of long distance and soft feel. There’s a soft core in the e6 – which means fast compression and longer distance – while the Surlyn cover helps to provide a combination of durability, distance, and speed.


If you’re looking for even more distance, the e9 “Long Drive” Bridgestone golf ball is engineered to deliver maximum power and extreme distance since it was co-developed with the World Long Drive Association. Looking under the hood, this ball features what Bridgestone calls Extreme Gradational core technology. The core boasts a soft inner area for optimal spin control and a fast outer region for boost in ball speed. There’s also an aerodynamic 330-dimple cover – that will reduce drag and help to maximize ball speed.


Another new option for 2023 is the e12 Contact Bridgestone golf ball. It is meant for golfers looking for even more control thanks to its Contact Force Dimple combined with a mantle and core that is meant to reduce slice and hook spin on every shot. Look for generous contact and long and straight distance with the e12.


Since its trusted by Tiger, you know there are lots of great options from Bridgestone.

But, if you’re stuck wondering what ball may be right for you, the good news is that is the best place for selection and price on Bridgestone golf balls. Not only that, the USelect™ tool will help you find the right ball for your game!

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